Economics (E)

The system can be linked either to the transport or the customs system.

Examples of content:

  • Billing/Invoicing (Single or summary invoices)
  • Summary Accounting report for external accounting
  • Various statistics such as sales per establishment and/or customer

Automatic Debit of the following:

  • Quotations
  • Price lists
  • Contracts
  • Automatic pricing based on a number of parameters in the orders

Cost management with performance review

  • Managing supplier invoices
  • Place-up (certification) of costs
  • Cost apportionment
  • Calculated costs
  • Result review directly in LIS on a number of concepts such as:
    Destination relationships (such as SE-NO)
    Mode of transport (e.g. sea or road)
    Parties (e.g. different suppliers)
  • Traffic and Transportation trips