Welcome to Sensor Data AB

We are an IT company who develops software applications in the field logistics since 1975. Together with other companies in the industry, we have gradually over the years refined our products and adapted them to take advantage of new breakthroughs in areas such as hardware, software and communications. Our software products are, since 1992, assembled in a fully integrated standard system developed and marketed under the product name LIS.
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LIS – Logistic Information System

The system’s latest version, which is entirely Windows-based, consisting of about 40 elective system modules, which can be combined freely to meet various business needs. All modules are fully integrated which means that everything is managed from the same program (icon).

LIS covers these areas, among others:

  • Forwarding
  • Customs
  • Customs Records & Bonded Warehouse
  • Economy

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News in LIS

Our latest addition among LIS modules are:

LIS Norway
Our new subsystem within the LIS system is intended to make import and export declarations (customs) to the Norwegian Customs Service via the Tvinn system. It also allows for the use of a Swedish export order to be converted into a Norwegian import declaration.
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Sea forwarding system
We have recently completed the development of a new sea forwarding system and it is delivered for production. The system includes import & export orders, billing & invoicing with differing currency codes & rates on the same invoice and statistics on several different levels.
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Article Based Customs Journal for Bonded Warehouse E (LIS-KSF)
Comprehensive system for record keeping of quality-assured storage with traceability requirements at the item level. According to the latest requirements for Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification. Is a base system for automatic production of periodic declarations of maximum aggregation.
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Inward processing
LIS handling systems for inward processing (suspension or repayment) is directly integrated with the customs system. It handles several various types of processing such as controlling products, articles and repair parts.
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