Customs Journal, parcel-based accounting Bonded Warehouse A, C & Temporary (D1)

The system is used to keep a computerized customs records.

Examples of content:

  • Design and management of the records (goods number)
  • Clearance of positions or parts thereof. Can be directly integrated with the customs system, for instance, imports, exports and NCTS.
  • Procedures for watching and follow up

Various reports for duty accounts, for example:

  • Posting Notification
  • Uncleared positions / Balances
  • Watch List
  • Remaining balance report
  • etc.

Customs Journal, parcel-based accounting Bonded Warehouse E Quality assured (D2)

Same as D1 but with some special features such as:

  • Clearance type TQN available
  • Reports by e-mail function
  • Notification at border crossing
  • The request for extradition from a temporary storage for a certified operator
  • Request for transfer from Customs warehouse/KSF to certified operator
  • More information fields
  • Special System for loading of data file (XML) from previous system (forwarding)

Customs Journal, article-based accounting Bonded Warehouse E ART-KSF (D3)

Special systems for handling and tracking the balance of articles between storage systems, customs records and customs errands. The system is fully integrated with the records and customs orders. The functions are the same as in D2 with the difference that it now accounts for item-level (units) instead of the package level (parcels). The system is based on receipts (in) and shipments (out) derived from pick orders from the storage systems.

Examples of content:

  • Loading of data files from storage systems
    Receipts (incoming)
    Warehouse Shipment (Outgoing)
  • Handling of “block orders” as a collection of for example, today’s pick orders. The system optimizes the number of customs orders that will be created in types as import declarations, export declarations and NCTS.
  • Automatic update of customs records in connection with incoming and outgoing deliveries.
  • Pro forma Invoice
  • Balance Reports
  • Watch and Check options for tracking
  • Adjustments and Reconciliations available if needed

Additional modules available for the ART-KSF system

LIS-KSF European Freight
Manages article balances for goods of EU origin.

LIS-KSF Licensing
Manages licensed products and licensing sales.

LIS-KSF KIT-articles
Kitting of several articles to one new article in a joint package, including tailored functions and traceability.

LIS-KSF Tax Warehouses
Management of point-rate production of goods (such as tobacco & alcohol) with accompanying documents.

LIS-KSF Customs Accounts
Produces a periodic report from the customs declarations summarized in LIS. The result includes for example Customs ID, number of articles, customs duties and import VAT by such variables as Purchase Order, Outbound and Article.

LIS-KSF Transfer
Special procedures for transmission to external warehouse (another certified operator) with the customs invoice.