Sensor Data AB is a Swedish family company founded in 1975 by current CEO and Board. Since day one the company has been owned to 100% by the CEO and board of directors and is self-financed without external funds. Sensor stands financially strong through own savings due to thirty years of positive profits. Since 1998 Sensor has achieved the credit rating AAA by Dun & Bradstreet. Sensor also has no bindings to other hard- or software companies.

During the seventies and eighties Sensor acted as consultants in system development and tailor made solutions for the following businesses:

  • Forwarding
  • Freight
  • Store + Storages + Third party logistics
  • Customs handling

Since mid eighties we have collected the experiences from former projects in the development of a standard system; LIS (Logistic Information System). Since the nineties development and support of the LIS-system is our main occupation and the company has therefore collected over thirty years of experience in this specific trade in the products we continuously develop further. We think we are unique by being in this specific trade so long and have created a genuine contact net at trade companies, governments etc.

The LIS-system is continuously developed both functionally and technically in accordance to the changes and demands from the surrounding world. LIS version 5.0 was introduces in May 2002 and became the result of over two years of new development where the LIS-system was Windows-based and adjusted to the latest platforms of technology.

In December 2006 LIS version 5.NU was released and the customs modules were adjusted to the new Swedish Customs regulation TDR050 and TDR007 version 2. LIS became the first TDS-system that was approves for all message types as early as 8 of November 2006.

In autumn 2012, we introduced LIS version 5.PKI where customs modules are adapted to the new PKI-based security system introduced by the Swedish Customs. The 16th of January LIS was approved for PKI by the Swedish Customs.