Management of Customs orders & Intrastat (C1)

The system (with export, complete import & simplified import) is fully integrated to the complete framework and regulations of TARIC, which we believe we are unique with in Europe. The system contains a total of about 50 programs including a number of special systemes such as:

  • Express flights for air freight companies
  • Accounts ledger system for customs and VAT with electronic customs bill
  • System for EU-Customs
  • Accompanying documents

The system also includes modules for loading data files from external systems such as:

  • From forwarding system
  • From storage systems
  • From ERP, business systems

The system handles all types of customs matters and also:

  • Statistics
  • Monitoring/Watching procedures
  • Intrastat handling directly through email link to the SCB (Swedish Statistical Central Intelligence), and special system to “turn” for example, Swedish exports to import to another EU country.

TDS connection to the Swedish Customs data system (C2)

Contains all the so-called TDS messages and everything you need to handle them. See the Swedish Customs Administration website for “Approved system vendors“. Thus, even ZKH and ZKB message types. Built-in watching routines directly integrated with your customs orders.

NCTS – New Computerized Transit System (C3)

LIS contains systems for Authorized Senders and Recipients. The system also supports special functions for transferring data from the NCTS Discharge Report (IE044) directly into the Customs Journal, to avoid registering cargo positions. See D2.

Inward Processing (C4)

Systems for Inward Processing (Suspension and Repayment) directly integrated with the Customs system.

Examples of content:

  • Permit registering
  • Products and articles handling
  • The article registration is an integrated part of the import declaration
  • Watch article balances
  • Printouts of statements and requests for reimbursement

Electronic Administrative Document – EMCS (C5)

System for creating, printing and sending accompanying documents for tax warehouses.

Examples of content:

  • Handling of excise numbers for alcohol, tobacco and fuel.
  • Create electronic documents (xml-files) for uploading to RSV (The Swedish Tax-authority).
  • Possible to fully integrate with ART-KSF (D3). Delivery orders from the storage warehouse automatically produce the correct documents for RSV. In this case the export declarations will also be updated with EAD-Item-number and ARC-number.

Norwegian Customs System (C6)

The system is intended to make import and export declarations (customs) to the Norwegian Customs Service via the TVINN system.

The system includes for example:

  • Communication with the Norwegian TVINN system and edifact of the different types of messages.
  • Import and Export Declaration.
  • Ability to “turn” a Swedish export into a Norwegian import.
  • Several ways to monitor and ask queries, including: production data and loading of the Norwegian Customs records.