Forwarding Road (B1)

System to handle freight forwarding duties (cross borders).

Examples of content:

  • Management of forwarding orders
  • Document management with email function
  • CMR-Waybill and Domestic SIS-Waybill
  • Statistics of orders
  • Possibility to follow-up the result on orders and clients
  • Totally integrated with the customs and traffic programs
  • Invoicing

Shipping/Forwarding Transport (B2)

Is used to manage your own traffic.

Examples of content:

  • Traffic Structure
    Define your traffic destinations and involved parties such as agents, conveyors etc.
  • Management traffic trips
    Trips to the forwarding traffic can then be attached. Document management from trips. Master Document.
  • Statistics of traffics and trips
  • Functions for watching the traffic

Special Forwarding/Shipping towards your own carriers (B3)

Intended for companies in which the assignment shall be directly integrated, to your own or chartered cargo carrier, with load planning function in the B4. Same as B1 but with a reduced amount of information in the errands.

Load Planning, Freight allocation & Custom carriers (B4)

Destined to be able to handle the planning of cargo carriers to optimize the loading rate towards disposable goods.

Examples of content:

  • Handling of cargo carriers
    Define which carriers you have. Features are such as cold/heat, size etc. Overview of the carriers current position and which orders carried out in the past.
  • Management of trips
    Defining new orders/trips for the carrier.
  • Load Planning (Disposition)
    The main program where you can match the carrier to disposable goods through a screen overview and place the cargo (freight forwarding operations) on the carrier. Complete integration between forwarding errands and load planning trips.
  • Statistics of carriers and trips
  • Management of ferry boats and ferry departures

Specialty Systems for NVOCC operators (B5)

Sea forwarding system (B6)

The system includes:

  • Import & Export orders with the opportunity to set-up of any number of containers.
  • Import masters and manifests, in order to minimize re-entering of data.
  • Billing and invoicing, with differing currency codes & rates on the same invoice.
  • Statistics on many different levels, for example, market area, country, order and right down to the TEU-level.
  • Integration with other parts and shipping systems in LIS.

Air forwarding system (B7)