LIS Advantages & Benefits

LIS is a very user-friendly system with many built-in controls to se to that your errends will be as accurate as possible before they are sent to TDS (The Swedish Customs Data System). Below, we have formulated some of the significant benefits of the LIS system that may be important to take into consideration if you are in the process of purchasing system.

  • LIS is a flexible modular system, which allows for customized combinations ranging from single users to companies with hundreds of employees.
  • All parts of LIS are integrated and assisted by support records and copy functions, due to minimize the registration of repetitive tasks.
  • LIS has a large amount of monitoring functions and search tools to simplify and streamline your work.
  • Advanced system for access allowance to control applications and information and separate access for different user groups.
  • Updates and additional program orders are posted for download on our website so that you always have immediate access to an updated system. On our website you will find in addition to the daily Taric database both the most recent customs exchange rates and all NCTS customs offices.
  • Ability to multi-level set the business and customer requirements, which simplifies and ensures the continuous registration.